Arizona, the Grand Canyon State, is known for its fantastic weather, brilliant skies, cool desert evenings, and breathtaking sunsets. As wells as their five primary attributes, all of which begin with 'C.'  
Copper, Cotton, Cattle, Citrus, and Climate. 

The History of Southern Arizona started when it was bought from the Gadsden Purchase in 1854 after the Mexican-American War for $15,000,000. Some other names for the land are Gadsden or Baja Arizona, which is Spanish for “Lower Arizona.” 

Arizona main amenities attribute its sunny days. Not just great for summer fun, but also for making energy! Solar panels are a fantastic alternative way to produce clean and free energy. The state even deems them as a tax write off to promote the change to greener living. 

Arizona is known for the rocks and minerals that flood the land from the cowboys and miners. The first 'C' Arizona is most known for is Copper. With the soil rich in copper, crystals, and gold, the mines and miners are what made Arizona what it is today. 

Southern Arizona is the main contributor when it comes to farming and agriculture. In fact, the majority of food eaten in Arizona comes from lower Arizona. It's such a central attribute that it accounts for 3 of the 5 C's Arizona is know for Cotton, Cattle, and Citrus. 

White cotton fields can be seen even in the darkest night and gather in the gutters of the streets during harvest season. Cattle are sold not just for meat; their dairy milk is Arizona's highest grossing agricultural product. In the warmer climates of Arizona, citrus thrives producing lemons, oranges, grapefruits, and more. 

In case you didn't already know, Arizona harbors one of the 7 Wonders of the World- The Grand Canyon.
A very competitive hike or just a beautiful sight, this is one location you won't want to pass up, but this beautiful state has plenty to offer.

The Kitt Peak National Observatory is another major attraction in Southern Arizona for their set of several astronomical observatories. 
There are also several National Monuments that protect the scenery, wildlife, and archaeological sites, such as the Saguaro National Park, near Tucson. 

If you plan on going to Tucson than come for the Southern Arizona Ballon Excursion and witness or participate in the hundreds of hot air balloons that release to the sky.

Some other things to do in Southern Arizona include visiting the several retail shops, local and unique restaurants, casinos, and broad ranges of public land perfect for hunting or camping. 

This land played a significant role during the Cold War with the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base and was the home base for an air force wing of 18 Titan 2 Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles that dispersed to their various launch sites. They were deemed retired and were demolished with explosives. All but one. This site is home to the Titan Missile Museum, a National Historic Landmark. Another great place to visit while in the area.

If you love birdwatching or "birding" than Arizona is the perfect place for you to be. Plan your next vacation or move to Arizona and witness the millions of birds that migrate through here. There are over 250 different kinds of species to see in Arizona. Bird enthusiasts from all over the world come to see the rare species such as the green kingfishers and the sparrow-sized elf owl that makes its home in the mesquite bosques outlying our river systems.

Finally, the final 'C' that Arizona is known for- Climate.
The most complex of the five, the climate varies dramatically throughout the state. 

Several mountains surround this land, including the Chiricahua Mountains, Huachuca Mountains, Santa Ritas, the Santa Catalinas, the Rincons, the Piñalenos, and more. Some of these mountains are so tall that they winterize and can provide alpine skiing resorts. Even though we are known for our hot weather, you don't have to drive too far until you're in a completely different climate.

Depending on the altitude, typically the Southern area has scorching summers and mild winters. The closer you get to the Chiricahua Mountains, the higher the altitude and the colder it'll get. Typically giving a cooler summer but a slightly harsher winter.

Arizona has a little of every possible climate, depending on where you go. That's why snowbirds flock here for the winter and significantly increase the population in the winter. Arizona is an all-around perfect state to accommodate anyone's needs.